Wildlife Camera Trap

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  • 30MP resolution for crisp photos and 1080P videos
  • Integrated design with easy lens adjustment and IP66 waterproof rating
  • 36pcs 850nm Infrared LEDs for great night performance
  • Fast trigger speed and recovery time to capture all actions
  • User-friendly interface with 2″ LCD screen for easy operation
  • Multiple features like time-lapse, audio recording, and password protection
  • Battery-powered with various accessories included
  • Suitable for outdoor wildlife monitoring and hunting cameras
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    Introducing the Wildlife Camera Trap, the ultimate gift for nature lovers! Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure and capture the hidden wonders of the animal kingdom like never before. This ingenious device is designed to capture stunning photos and videos of wildlife in their natural habitat, providing a unique glimpse into the secret lives of our furry friends.

    Equipped with advanced motion sensors and infrared technology, this camera trap is a true game-changer. It automatically detects any movement within its range, ensuring that no precious moment goes unnoticed. Whether it’s a majestic deer gracefully leaping through the forest or a mischievous raccoon exploring its surroundings, you’ll be able to capture it all in vivid detail.

    Not only does the Wildlife Camera Trap offer exceptional image quality, but it also boasts impressive durability. Built to withstand the harshest weather conditions, it can accompany nature enthusiasts on their wildest adventures without skipping a beat. Its compact size and camouflage design make it easy to hide in the wilderness, allowing you to observe wildlife undisturbed.

    This remarkable camera trap is the perfect gift for nature lovers who crave a deeper connection with the great outdoors. Whether they’re avid photographers or simply enjoy immersing themselves in nature, this device will provide endless hours of excitement and discovery. So why wait? Unleash your inner explorer and gift the Wildlife Camera Trap today – because the wonders of the wild are waiting to be captured!

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    Product Dimensions

    ‎14.5 x 10.2 x 7.1 cm, 640 Grams

    Item model number



    ‎1 Count (Pack of 1)





    Power Source

    ‎Battery Powered


    ‎1.5 Volts


    ‎9 watts

    Type of Bulb


    Plug profile

    ‎Wall Mount

    Special Features

    ‎Motion Sensor,Night Vision,Waterproof,Easy Installation


    ‎Outside, wildlife camera, hunting camera

    Included Components

    ‎Wildlife camera body, accessories, mounting belt, mounting bracket

    Batteries included


    Batteries Required


    Item Weight

    ‎640 g


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    12 reviews for Wildlife Camera Trap

    1. Amazon Customer

      Ho fatto dei test con 8 batterie stilo alkaline nuove, in modalità video di 30 secondi ed ha registrato più di 200 video (più di 2 ore di filmati) quasi tutti notturni quindi con i LED IR accesi, le batterie avevano ancora una tensione di 1.4 volt.
      Secondo la mia esperienza, per un utilizzo solo diurno la batterie possano durare fino a 10 volte di più ed in modalità foto si parla di mesi e mesi con un solo cambio batterie.
      L’esposizione notturna con i LED IR accessi si adatta molto velocemente ai cambiamenti, nonostante avesse un‘altra foto trappola di fronte che si accendeva e spegneva, non ha avuto difficolta a mantenere la giusta esposizione.
      Non ho notato alcuna vignettatura, il frame è illuminato abbastanza uniformemente anche sugli angoli.
      Il supporto in dotazione e la cinghia sono molto robusti, sul retro della cam oltre al fissaggio per, la cinghia ha due occhielli aggiuntivi per un lucchetto antifurto a cavo e, come richiesto della legge sulla privacy italiana, ha anche la possibilità di mettere un lucchetto sullo sportello del display.
      Ho trovato molto utile il display frontale per fare una inquadratura precisa ed il LED ROSSO (molto luminoso) per testare il funzionamento del sensore di movimento nelle varie zone di possibile passaggio degli animali.
      Sensore di movimento molto sensibile e trigger molto veloce, ha filmato il passaggio di una bici una parte all’altra del frame.
      Pochissimi video senza soggetto (meno del 5%) anche se la sensibilità era la massimo, probabilmente dovuti al passaggio uccelli.
      Ho apprezzato molto la base di appoggio molto ampia e piatta che dà la possibilità di poterla appoggiare in piedi senza che si ribalti e cada
      È possibile filmarsi in modalità selfie appoggiandola a terra e guardandosi sul display anche senza l’uso di un cavalletto.
      Ho fatto un breve timelapse solo per test, devo dire che è stato molto semplice da fare, genera automaticamente il file video, circa 1,5Gb per 24 ore di scatti ogni 15 secondi.
      Il supporto tecnico risponde prontamente in meno di 24 ore in lingua italiana.


      J’ai pris cette caméra de chasse afin de la positionner dans mon poulailler qui est composé de poules.
      Après avoir retrouvé 2 poules mortes coup sur coup j’aimerai en savoir la cause.

      Concernant cette caméra, facile à faire tenir grâce à la sangle qui est assez longue afin de faire le tour d’un poteau par exemple 👍 .

      Facile d’installation, 8 emplacements pour les piles AA mais la caméra peut fonctionner avec seulement 4 piles 👍 . Celles-ci sont fournies c’est top !

      Qualité d’image en 1080MP , la vision nocturne est niquel. Enregistrement dès qu’un animal passe devant, cela s’enregistre sur la carte SD qui est également fournie 👍

      Le visionnage des photos ou vidéos prises peuvent se faire directement sur la caméra, pas besoin d’enlever la carte SD à chaque fois afin de mettre sur un ordinateur. La suppression peut être faite sur place 👍

      Pas mal de petites options sont présentes, afin de garder la charge sur les piles pour ma part je déclenche la caméra qu’a partir de 22h .
      La durée des vidéos est également ajustable, le nombre de prise de vue… Un tas d’options ! 👍

    3. michael e.

      Been using this camera for few weeks now to film still and 30 second video shots of hedgehog.

      Takes good quality pictures. Video in avi format. So for a £36 camera am pleased. Needs 32gb sd card but they are easy enough to insert and remove from camera. Like the forward facing preview function as can check you have camera set up in right place/right angle. Only issue I have with camera is changing batteries when using the angling attachment supplied.

      Date stamp on pics good. Can’t work out how to change F to C, but not too worried about that, was nice bonus that it shows temperature as hadnt realised that was even a feature.

      Camera is good size. Good quality. Easy to use apart from changing batteries when using angling attachment. Is value for money.

      Batteries. A set of good quality batteries lasting me roughly 3 nights. Been using it to watch hedgehogs in garden. Set of good quality rechargeable batteries only really lasting one night before needing recharging.

      if fastened with strapping is fine, but with strapping can’t angle/direct camera if you want to focus on a particular point easily, but with strapping did manage to secure to fence post in garden. I had to move away from using strapping as couldn’t angle camera sufficiently. Also camera needs to be bit closer than I first had it to get decent shots! Maybe was because filming small hedgehog rather than larger animal? (But I am finding need to be within about 2-3m away to get ok shots). With using strapping you can change batteries without having to remove whole camera as battery compartment just pops out bottom if camera…doesn’t “fall” out, have to click button to release and pull out battery compartment.

      However camera comes with a movable “angling device” attachment and if set up using that you can direct camera different viewing angles and this is a fantastic feature. However if fastened with the special angling device the screw on attachment extends over the battery compartment…that means you cannot change the batteries without completely unscrewing the camera each time! So using angling atrachment is brilliant, but makes battery changing extremely awkward!

      I made a portable “stand” for the camera by buying a cheap bird table and attached the angling device to the “post” on that, so I can now move camera around garden. However I just have faff of unscrewing camera regularly to change batteries!

      Camera does get triggered by odd things, moth seems to set it off, but rain drops did too and movement of branches/leaves can trigger it too.

    4. Ms. L. M. Evenden

      This product seems to work well. Left out for about 4 days, still plenty of battery. Photo quality is satisfactory, not sure why a couple of pics have reddish tinge but, still shows animal and is quite atmospheric. I found it easy to set up, nice to have the screen front facing. Only issue I had was finding an SD card it liked, luckily I had some at home. Generally quite happy with this.

    5. Mrs. Sally Ford

      Don’t expect to much from this camera. It’s easy to set up , it has 1080 p video and up 20mp stills camera. It’s menu is easy to navigate, battery life is good if you use good quality batteries. You need a 32 Gb SD card. But don’t expect to much from the picture quality, colours are a bit wishy-washy it has problems with colour definition and it has difficulty dealing with bright sunlight limits lens is focus fixed . The USB cable is short and not practical. I gave it 3 stars if the colour definition had been better it would have received 4 possible it might have got 5. It’s instructions manual leaves a lot to be desired. Its manual runs through the menu options but it doesn’t tell how to use the camera, how to actually stap it to a tree and record the wildlife. One modification they need to make to the camera is to be able to recharge batteries via the USB or power socket id you use rechargeable batteries

    6. Ms. L. M. Evenden

      Very pleased with this camera
      It does what it’s designed for
      One small drawback but there again it could be me with the settings but not found this feature yet
      On previous cameras, there’s been the facility to first see a video and set time and then take still pic but on this camera, I can only find the option to run either video or still pics
      Don’t let this put you off an excellent camera and good quality and excellent value
      Yes I would recommend this Trail Cam

    7. Zoé Air

      Belle caméra de chasse design Acheté pour surveiller les visiteurs nocturne dans le jardin, l’appareil remplit son office sans souci pour le moment, que ce soit en mode photo, vidéo ou les deux à la fois. Construction solide.
      – Caméra étanche pouvant rester dehors sans problème.
      – Livrée avec une carte mémoire de 32 Gb et 4 piles,
      – Le paramétrage est très simple: Choix de la qualité des images et du temps d’enregistrement de la vidéo.
      – Livrée avec différents accessoires permettant de la fixer à un mur ou autour d’un arbre.

      – La caméra est très sensible: Le moindre mouvement d’un animal la déclenche pendant la durée définie (30 sec dans mon cas)
      – La qualité dans le noir est exceptionnelle ! J’ai fait une vidéo dans le noir absolu. C’est vraiment étonnant. Franchement je suis trop contente de cet achat je recommande fortement bon rapport qualité prix.

    8. ines a.

      Questa è la mia prima foto trappola, ho scelto questo modello dato il suo rapporto qualità prezzo eccellente. È possibile utilizzarla non appena si estrae dalla confessione molto ben fornita con all’interno batterie, scheda sd, cinghia per fissarla e supporto da muro con tasselli e viti.le impostaIoni sono intuitive e complete come anche la scocca che presenta due foto per la cinghia due fori per un eventuale cavetto d’acciaio per metterla in sicurezza e un foro per un lucchetto presente sullo sportellino in modo da essere totalmente al sicuro, anche senza lucchetto è comunque dotata di password.
      L’unica “pecca” sono i led che non sono totalmente invisibili e i sensori vanno bene pure essendo da 0,3 secondi di innesco quindi non velocissimi ma comunque accettabili.

    9. Zoé Air

      Non avrà la risoluzione delle fotocamere con ottica Zeiss ma fa il suo sporco lavoro. Consiglio di orientarla verso nord per non avere mai il sole contro, di utilizzare le foto anzichè i video (io ho impostato 2 scatti nei 30 secondi), di verificare che non ci siano fronde troppo vicine davanti che con il vento fanno scattare inutilmente e sfalsano la messa a a fuoco. Fatto questo ho le batterie ricaricabili che durano circa 1 mese con qualche scatto giornaliero (gli animaletti del mio fantabosco)

    10. Mrs. M. Maybury

      Only worked for a very few months. Now at night it doesn’t capture the images it just shows up black. Wouldn’t recommend buying this product. I tried to organise a return and it got denied. Was working well before hand though.

    11. Seefoodeater

      Hubby loves this one. We have 4 or 5 nature cameras (large garden) and this one is certainly better than the others. The picture is a better quality than our older cameras, it has a much wider angle. Hubby says as the others (older ones) break or fail to be of any use, we will replace them all with this camera. Certainly worth the money.

    12. Seefoodeater

      I wanted to find out what was eating the food in the hedgehog feeding station. It had been a hedgehog, but suddenly every single kitten biscuit was going, but no crumbs were left – and hedgehogs leave crumbs behind. I still haven’t solved this problem, but the camera is working very well showing my cat wandering around the garden, but nothing is going down the tunnel to the feeding station 🙄. My 74 year old eyes found the very small, pale-coloured print in the instruction manual difficult to read, but Cassie from customer services sent me an electronic version. However, in the meantime I had found an excellent video on YouTube taking one through the set-up process step-by-step. This camera really is easy to set up and I am delighted with it

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