The Complete Guide to Nature Photography

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  • Title: Complete Guide to Nature Photography, The
  • Author: Illustrated by Arbabi, S
  • Publisher: Amphoto Books
  • Language: English
  • Paperback with 240 pages
  • ISBN-10: 0817400109
  • ISBN-13: 978-0817400101
  • Dimensions: 21.74 x 1.42 x 27.58 cm
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    Introducing The Complete Guide to Nature Photography, the ultimate companion for all nature lovers and aspiring photographers! Packed with breathtaking images and expert tips, this book is a must-have for anyone passionate about capturing the beauty of the great outdoors.

    Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this comprehensive guide will take your nature photography skills to new heights. From mastering composition and lighting to understanding wildlife behavior, you’ll learn the secrets behind creating stunning and captivating images that truly showcase the wonders of nature.

    With its easy-to-follow instructions and practical advice, The Complete Guide to Nature Photography is suitable for photographers of all levels. It covers a wide range of topics, including landscape photography, macro photography, wildlife photography, and even astrophotography. No matter your interest within the realm of nature photography, this book has got you covered!

    Now, imagine the joy on the face of your nature-loving friend or family member as they unwrap this brilliant gift. They’ll be inspired to explore the great outdoors, armed with newfound knowledge and techniques to capture the beauty that surrounds them. Whether they’re passionate about landscapes, fascinated by wildlife, or simply enjoy being in nature, this guide will be their go-to resource for years to come.

    So, why settle for ordinary gifts when you can give the gift of creativity and adventure? The Complete Guide to Nature Photography is the perfect present for nature enthusiasts, ensuring they can capture and preserve their favorite moments in nature for a lifetime.

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    Amphoto Books, Illustrated edition (6 Dec. 2011)




    240 pages






    21.74 x 1.42 x 27.58 cm


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    10 reviews for The Complete Guide to Nature Photography

    1. hamed

      A very good book with lots of critical tips and beautiful professional pictures
      I can even learn more by studying the pictures and read the note below each of them.
      Definitely recommend it for both professional and novice artists

    2. SKS

      Any serious photographer would have many photography books. This book did not bore me on the technical aspect of pictures taking. Instead it showed me through sample pictures how those technical parameters could work together to create a beautiful picture. I got the feeling that it was a writing from experience. I found it useful and I enjoyed reading it.

    3. Suhail Zubaid

      I purchased this book via to see the fine points of nature photography. However, since I am always on the move when outdoors, my main objective was to learn only those photography techniques that could enable me take good pictures of nature on the go.

      The author-photographer Sean Arbabi has provided content that someone could only wish in his / her dreams. Not only has he provided techniques, but he has also backed them up with advice based on his personal experience and with a number of jaw dropping pictures. This book is a good read even if you are not aspiring to be a professional photographer. For an amateur photographer like me, the book offers learning along three major lines:

      (1) Techniques that I grew up using, but forgot over a period of time. There is a refresher of all those basics for me.

      (2) Highlighting many features of our digital cameras that we hardly use, but we can and should to improve the quality of our pictures.

      (3) Preparations required to take great shots. It is not all about camera gear, but also researching the location and the subject beforehand so as to avoid any surprises.

      This book is definitely going to be an asset for me for many years to come. I recommend this book highly.

    4. anthony debesne

      Very pleased, worth every penny.

    5. LPerdue

      This is not my first nature photography (or landscape photography) book that I have read – but I will definitely say that Sean’s approach to writing this book is different, inspiring, and loaded with useful information. Whether you are just beginning in nature photography or have been shooting for years – this book is different. The first thing I noticed is Sean’s approach starts with how to be safe, prepared and enjoy shooting at the same time. He discussed things you need to do for day hikes, overnight hikes, or even just a stroll out in nature. I’ve not seen any other book discuss this – and even better, Sean actually does these things himself. You’ll get information on how to apply the equipment you have, how to understand all the various components of photography including lighting and composition. I’ve read this book twice now and I still find interesting things I have missed the first few times through – highly recommend this book if you’re planning to do any kind of outdoor photography. The book is logically broken out into various sections beginning with where to start (packing your gear and reading the camera manual). Additional chapters about metering, framing, macro, filters/flash, he covers many subjects. In addition, the book contains assignments so you can go out and practice as you finish each chapter – always an inspiration to get out and shoot.

    6. Tricolor

      Sean’s writing style is easy to understand and enjoyable while the photographs are well done and he shares both a little about the shot and his settings. There is a section covering how dangerous the wilds can be which is a idea good for the general public but steals pages that could have been used for more in-depth information on techniques. As far as photography advice he does a solid job with the basics and covers a broad spectrum with the unfortunate downside that most of this would already be known information for a more advanced photographer. So great for your just retired uncle who always loved photography but stuck to shooting his friends and family who is now interested in nature but wants to take better photographs while he explores and has a good DLSR with multiple lens. Not what I personally was looking for as a very dedicated photographer looking to improve my landscapes.

    7. Lynne Moynes

      Was a present and it is loved

    8. JimmyY

      I am an amateur photographer and find this guide useful. The writing flows well and is easy to read and easy to follow. Mr. Arbabi used ample examples to articulate the key techniques. Given that I am not a novice, sometimes I found what he described confirmed my understanding, which gives me more confidence of how I may apply the approach. But I also find something I did not know or master before. Mr. Arbabi did not use much (although some) of the dramatic scenes of landscape which can only be gotten by trekking days, reaching high altitudes or freezing the wits. Instead, most people are able or possible to realize what described with some commitment and attention. The print quality is excellent. I find the print color is very natural, unlike some other books in which the colors are too much enhanced and not real. Each picture has a description of the camera/lens parameters as well as the thinking or strategy behind it.

    9. Charlie

      Brilliant book, and a fun read. Personally I find writing notes whilst reading this book then using your notes in the field the best way to really excel with this book.

      It’s very easy to understand and an enjoyable read, Plus the pictures are outstanding. Would recommend this book to everyone.

      I’m new to the whole Nature side of photography and Seans guide is helping me a great deal, not only with photography but the way you look at things whilst out and about.

    10. AnGobanSaor


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