Olympus Binocular 10×50 S

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  • Wide field of view for fast-moving subjects
  • High-performance optics for clear images
  • Durable, weather-resistant housing
  • Compact and lightweight for portability
  • Responsive focus wheel for easy operation
  • Includes rubber eyepiece and lens cover
  • Comes with a soft carrying case and comfortable strap
  • Dimensions: 19.2 x 17.8 x 6.4 cm; Weight: 855 grams
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    The Olympus Binocular 10×50 S is the ultimate companion for nature lovers! With its powerful 10x magnification and 50mm objective lens, this binocular brings the wonders of the great outdoors closer than ever before. Whether you’re birdwatching, hiking, or simply enjoying the beauty of nature, these binoculars will enhance your experience and make it truly unforgettable.

    Designed with precision and durability in mind, the Olympus Binocular 10×50 S delivers crystal-clear images with exceptional clarity and brightness. Its high-quality optics ensure that every detail is captured, allowing you to spot even the tiniest bird or the most elusive wildlife. Plus, the wide field of view lets you take in the breathtaking scenery without missing a beat.

    But what makes these binoculars a brilliant gift for nature lovers? Well, they belong to the category of optics, which is perfect for those who have a deep appreciation for the natural world. Whether it’s exploring the depths of a dense forest or marveling at the vastness of the ocean, these binoculars will open up a whole new world of discovery and adventure.

    Not only are the Olympus Binocular 10×50 S functional, but they are also stylish and comfortable to use. The sleek design and ergonomic grip ensure that you can enjoy hours of observation without any discomfort. Lightweight and portable, they can be easily carried on any outdoor excursion, making them an essential accessory for any nature enthusiast.

    So, if you’re looking for a gift that will bring joy and excitement to the nature lover in your life, look no further than the Olympus Binocular 10×50 S. It’s a gift that will ignite their passion for the great outdoors and create memories that will last a lifetime. Get ready to embark on extraordinary adventures and see the world in a whole new way!

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    19.2 x 17.8 x 6.4 cm, 855 Grams

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    13 Oct. 2020



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    13 reviews for Olympus Binocular 10×50 S

    1. didi lyne

      As a photographer, I knew what I wanted in terms of optics, and these do a fine job, with pin sharp resolution! They are a little heavier than I thought, but for me they are a useful weight. Well constructed and cosmetically pleasant. The 10x can be a little uncomfortable, and would be better mounted on a tri or monopod. All in all excellent value for money and far better than I expected.

    2. Dr Narinder Kumar

      The Olympus binocular has proven to be an exceptional choice for nature enthusiasts, particularly bird watchers. With its solid construction, impressive magnification, and clear vision even in low-light conditions, this binocular delivers an immersive viewing experience. Allow me to share my detailed experience and highlight its notable features.

      First and foremost, the Olympus binocular boasts a solid build that exudes durability. While it may be slightly heavier and bigger in size compared to other models, the weight distribution is intelligently designed. You’ll find that the binocular doesn’t feel burdensome, even during extended use. Olympus has managed to strike a balance, ensuring that the weight is distributed in a way that allows for comfortable handling without compromising the stability and sturdiness of the device.

      ****Lens hoods****
      One aspect to note is the detachable lens hoods. While they offer added protection to the lenses, they can be prone to getting lost if not properly secured. It’s important to be mindful of this and take necessary precautions to avoid misplacing them. However, the detachable feature allows for flexibility when it comes to adjusting the binocular to specific needs and preferences.

      ****Vision and magnification****
      The main feature that truly shines in this binocular is its exceptional magnification and clear vision, even in low lighting conditions. Whether you’re observing birds in a dense forest or capturing details of wildlife in dimly lit areas, the Olympus binocular performs admirably. The clarity and sharpness of the images are impressive, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of your surroundings. This level of performance is on par with more expensive models, as I discovered when comparing it to a friend’s binocular with a higher price tag and specifications.

      ****Focus knob****
      The focus knob on the Olympus binocular is another standout feature. It is finely tuned and allows for precise adjustment, ensuring that you can quickly and effortlessly bring your subject into focus. Whether you’re tracking fast-moving birds or trying to capture the intricate details of flora and fauna, the focus knob proves to be a reliable and user-friendly tool.

      ****Final verdict****
      In conclusion, I highly recommend the Olympus binocular for bird watching and nature observation. Despite being slightly heavier and bigger in size, the weight distribution is well-managed, making it comfortable to use for extended periods. The magnification and clarity are exceptional, even in challenging lighting conditions, and can rival more expensive models. While the detachable lens hoods require caution to avoid loss, the overall performance and reliability of the Olympus binocular make it a worthwhile investment. With Olympus being a trustworthy brand known for its quality optics, you can trust in the longevity and performance of this binocular.

    3. Dr Narinder Kumar

      Great product and so easy to use

    4. jennylake

      Great product

    5. S.McA

      A few years ago I bought my daughter, the ‘Olympus 10×50 dps I’ version and have always been very impressed by them. Recently bought the 10×50 S version for my own use. They have same clarity and build quality as far as I can see and I have not been able to see any difference in the vision quality between the two pairs of binoculars. The 6.5 field of view is great and provides clarity in the image. I wear glasses and even when I keep them on and lift the binoculars for a quick look at the world(without turning back the rubber cups) I obtain a clear image and have obtained a quick focus. There is a slight loss in the field of view but not enough to concern me.

      Adjusting the diopter setting is easy and if it moves you get to know where you normally place it. The binoculars are comfortable to hold and not too weighty. I have not experienced any shadowing at the sides, which I have experienced when using other binoculars, especially when trying 20×50 versions for example.

      I use them for bird watching and species identification as well as having an occasional look at the moon. Stars are a different challenge. A tripod is useful for this and there is a front fitment that can be removed to access the screw point for the tripod fitment( I use the celestron version). Unfortunately, this cover is made of plastic and has a fine thread for unscrewing the cap, which can be a bit of a challenge when replacing it. It would have been helpful if Olympus had provided a better design for this.

      This is a minor issue, overall a great pair of binoculars and off to see if I can spot the Killer whales and other sea mammals at Orkney in the near future.

    6. lawrence

      Very happy with my purchase imo well worth the price I paid very good quality and well made not to heavy or bulky

    7. palas6613

      lornetka kupilem z myślą o safari w Kenii. w 100% zdala egzamin. powiększenie idealne. na postoju zero problemów z zoomowaniem , w jeździe znacznie gorzej ale zoom 10 w lornetce chyba jest zbyt duży żeby używać go w jeździe po wertepach. dobra konstrukcja i fajny design zdecydowanie na plus . do lornetki trafia bardzo duzo swiatla , nawet przy zmroku obraz był jasny i wyrazny . żona również zachwycona lornetka. zdecydowanie mogę polecić lornetkę olympus 😀

    8. James Oxford

      These binoculars were bought for my son for plane spotting at an airshow and worked very well, being light and focus smoothly. Very good optics and construction as expected from this well-known Japanese camera maker.

    9. Massimo

      Buon prodotto; quando se lo tiene in mano si ha la sensazione di impugnare uno strumento ottico di fascia alta: robusto, ben rifinito e con tutte le parti mobili che si muovono in modo fluido, senza incertezze e con la giusta frizione.
      I soggetti inquadrati appaiono ben definiti e mantengono la brillantezza dei propri colori; buona risulta essere, oltre che la definizione dell’immagine, anche la luminosità delle lenti.
      Non avendolo ancora provato di sera, non sono in grado di esprimere alcun giudizio in merito.
      Essendo un 10 x 50 e pesando circa 900 gr., per una buona visione bisogna avere la mano molto ferma in modo da evitare fastidiosissimi tremori che, ingigantiti dalla potenza del binocolo, rendono impossibile un suo soddisfacente utilizzo; per le lunghe sessioni d’osservazione è consigliabile quindi l’impiego di un buon treppiede.
      Discreta la borsa leggermente imbottita e fornita a corredo da usare per il suo trasporto, utile anche per riporre al suo interno durante l’impiego del binocolo i quattro tappi di protezione delle lenti.
      Leggere le istruzioni allegate (scritte anche in lingua italiana) per poterlo tarare perfettamente ai propri occhi (operazione indispensabile per un suo corretto utilizzo).
      Questo strumento ottico ha un rapporto qualità/prezzo non facile da battere.

    10. SJK

      Impressed with the clarity….

      Have a few sets of cheap binoculars, and was reasoably happy. But took a punt on these at almost 2~3 times the price of the ones I had bought previously. Massive differnce, despite being down on magnification (loads of 20*50 clones…), the claritry is so much better.

      A road sign, ~600m away is now readable, whereas the higher magnifaction clones, the text is unreadable – i could see the sign, its shape and colours, but the text wasn’t clear.

      A cow shed 500m away, I can now make out individual animals. Not just a bovine blur.

      Definately a lesson, you get what you pay for.

    11. Conor Campbell

      Loved these for safari, so clear, not too heavy, easy to focus. To be honest I nearly could have done with a bigger zoom pair as well as these for the birds. But if you are just keen on the big animals then these are absolutely perfect. I will buy another pair for the birds.

    12. Marcel DE TANDT

      Très pratique pour des observations précises à moyenne distance.

    13. Pepper

      These binoculars were to replace a damaged 8×40. Because these new ones are larger, 10×50, I expected them to be heavier. Whilst they are slightly heavier they are good to hold and have a nice balance. I am happy with the close vision, watching the garden birds as I am with the distance which is better than my old pair. At the price point I would rate them good value.

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