Monopoly – Game of Thrones Edition


  • Fun for children and adults
  • Roll the dice to build your property empire
  • Great gift for Game of Thrones fans
  • Adaptation of the TV series into a classic board game
  • Suitable for 2-6 players
  • Dimensions: 40.01 x 26.67 x 5.08 cm
  • Recommended age: 18 years and above
  • Language: English
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    Introducing the Monopoly – Game of Thrones Edition! Get ready to conquer the Seven Kingdoms and become the ultimate ruler of Westeros in this epic twist on the classic board game. Whether you’re a die-hard Monopoly fan or a devoted Game of Thrones enthusiast, this game is an absolute must-have for your collection.

    Step into the shoes of your favorite Game of Thrones characters as you buy, sell, and trade iconic locations from the hit TV series. Will you choose to invest in Winterfell, King’s Landing, or perhaps the mighty Castle Black? The choice is yours, but beware of the White Walkers lurking in the North!

    This Game of Thrones Edition of Monopoly brings the fantastical world of Westeros to life like never before. The traditional Monopoly gameplay is infused with the thrilling elements of the show, including custom tokens inspired by the Iron Throne, Dragon Egg, and Direwolf. It’s a game that combines strategy, negotiation, and a touch of cunning to outwit your opponents and claim victory.

    With its stunning artwork, intricate details, and immersive gameplay, the Monopoly – Game of Thrones Edition is the perfect gift for any Monopoly fan. Whether they’re a fan of the TV series, the books, or both, this game will transport them to the treacherous and captivating world of Game of Thrones. So gather your friends and family, prepare for battle, and let the game of thrones begin!

    Unleash your inner strategist, relive your favorite moments from the show, and reign supreme in the ultimate battle for power. The Monopoly – Game of Thrones Edition is a gift that will bring endless hours of fun and excitement to any Monopoly enthusiast. Winter is coming, so don’t miss out on this brilliant addition to your board game collection!

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    Product Dimensions

    ‎40.01 x 26.67 x 5.08 cm, 450 Grams

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    Number of Game Players

    ‎2-6 Players

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    Remote Control Included




    Release date

    ‎1 Sept. 2017


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    13 reviews for Monopoly – Game of Thrones Edition

    1. Anna Veronesi

      Ich habe das Spiel gekauft, um es einem “Game of Thrones”-Fan zum Geburtstag zu schenken. Es kam sehr gut an und er hat sich riesig darüber gefreut! Das Paket kam auch in der angegebenen Zeit an und war noch in original Folie verpackt. Etwas schade fand ich, dass die Ecken der Verpackung etwas eingedrückt wurden, dem Inhalt hat es nicht geschadet, deshalb nur ein kleiner Kritikpunkt.

    2. Mrs G

      Not played it yet but looks as described

    3. Hh

      Jeu société parfait malgré qu’il soit en Anglais et non pas en Français

    4. anonymous

      I love GOT and I love Monopoly. This board game is well made and we had fun playing it over the lockdown 🙂 the metal tokens are high quality. Highly recommend!

    5. Misha

      FANTASTIC!!!!! really well made!!!! Game pieces are awesome, really really cool.
      Almost EVERYTHING is great about this.
      Only have one thing we would change and this is for those OCD ones out there… the layout of the box and where everything goes couldve been better thought out. Some things dont have specific places in the box for while playing.

      if you can overlook that (you should be able to its not at all a major problem) then absolutely buy this version!

    6. No Juan

      The whole set is very well made, the player pieces are top quality and have a nice weight to them.
      The game of Thrones theme is carried over to Monopoly very well.

    7. Stécy

      En la familia somos amantes de la serie, que es genial, por lo que este juego es indispensable para los amantes de GOT. Horas de entretenimiento!! Llegó en el tiempo indicado, en perfectas condiciones, las figuras son metálicas, muy bien hechas y las tarjetas muy detalladas. Llega a ser a veces un poco complicado si no consigues todas las tarjetas del mismo color o “paquete”, pero aun así logramos disfrutar un largo rato de diversión.

    8. Lynpato

      Bien conseguido,exactamente el sistema de juego de monopoly, pero con la tematica de juego de tronos, diferente ideal para regalo y darle un toque diferente al monopoly, y ideal para los amantes de juego de tronos

    9. David Kajwang

      Playing the Game of Thrones Monopoly board game always feels like a good time with friends or family. It is easy to take casually since the names of locations are fictitious. As the line from the titular series goes: When you play the Game of Thrones, either you win or you die. The philosophy central to the HBO series lends itself nicely to the game play loop. This allows for either maximum immersion or casual dice throwing. This balance ensures that no feelings are bruised even after 3 hours of economic warfare. It will keep you coming back time and time again.

    10. David Kajwang

      Very pleased with this purchase; provided great “fun” over a family Christmas. We all like GOT, so it was novel having the GOT version. Well designed and implemented and not as expensive as it might have been.

      (But I didn’t know my sweet daughter could be so ruthless)!

    11. Amazon Customer

      Excellent. It was for a present for Christmas and it didn’t disappoint. The image above is what you get, the scroll is the play book and easy to refer to and in keeping with the GoT theme. Each piece is fairly weighty and with good detailling. A good job has been done with this board game and I would recommend it to all lovers of GoT for those in between season gaps.

    12. B. Cox

      Everyone knows some one who is obsessed with Game of thrones right now and with the upcoming finale season this is a brilliant gift to get them as it can also include the whole family.

      Inside the box is a set of metal characteristics resembling Game of thrones in different ways: The iron throne, White walker king, the crown, three eyed raven, the dragon egg and a dire wolf. The game board is beautifully made it is just a shame that they didn’t change the jail space, this woulda gave the player a more representable connection to Game of thrones and the game. other than the ‘jail spaces’ ‘free parking’ and ‘pass go’ this board has landmarks of each house within the show including The wall.

      Final verdict. If you don’t already own a monopoly game but do know a G.O.T fan then this could easily be a gift or just some fun to have for a couple of hours, it is well made but some spaces ruin the aesthetic of the show.

    13. Pedro

      Monopoli e Game of Thrones sono una combinazione esplosiva: questo gioco è realizzato in maniera eccelsa, tutti i pezzi sono di ottima qualità. Lo raccomando per serate con amici ugualmente appassionati della serie. Il prodotto ricevuto era in ottime condizioni, la scatola non presentava ammaccature né altri difetti.

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