Monopoly – Barbie Edition

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  • Barbie-themed Monopoly board game with fashion, places, and themes
  • Custom gameboard featuring famous Barbie streets and DreamHouses
  • Includes 6 Barbie-inspired zinc tokens in pink color
  • Players pick a career with Be Anything cards and Barbie die determines unique skill
  • Dream Closet and Dream Career cards add twists with popular Barbie fashion and career moments
  • Ideal for Family Game Night with fun, excitement, and laughs
  • Suitable gift for Barbie fans aged 8 and up
  • Product dimensions: 4.1 x 40 x 26.7 cm; 510 Grams
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    Introducing Monopoly – Barbie Edition, the ultimate game for Monopoly fans and Barbie enthusiasts alike! Get ready to embark on a glamorous adventure through the iconic world of Barbie, where you can buy, sell, and trade your way to fabulous success!

    This special edition of Monopoly brings the magic of Barbie to life, featuring beautifully designed game pieces inspired by Barbie’s most beloved accessories. Will you choose the high-heeled shoe, the stylish handbag, or perhaps the adorable puppy? The choice is yours!

    Immerse yourself in the glamorous world of Barbie as you navigate the game board, which showcases stunning locations from Barbie’s dreamy universe. From the bustling Fashion Boutique to the enchanting Dreamhouse, every corner of the board is filled with excitement and endless possibilities.

    But beware, just like in the real world, not everything is smooth sailing! Encounter unexpected challenges and surprises along the way, adding an extra layer of excitement to your gameplay. Will you be able to overcome them and become the ultimate Barbie tycoon?

    Monopoly – Barbie Edition is not only a fantastic addition to any Monopoly collection, but it also makes a brilliant gift for Monopoly fans. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the classic game or a Barbie enthusiast, this special edition combines the best of both worlds, offering hours of fun and entertainment for players of all ages.

    So gather your friends and family, and get ready to experience the glamour, style, and excitement of Barbie in a whole new way with Monopoly – Barbie Edition. It’s time to roll the dice and unleash your inner fashionista!

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    ‎4.1 x 40 x 26.7 cm, 510 Grams

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    ‎17 Nov. 2023


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    8 reviews for Monopoly – Barbie Edition

    1. Adele Di Mascio

      Monopoly Flip Edition: Marvel Board Game takes the classic Monopoly formula and injects it with a dose of superhero action.

      It has unique theme and combines the familiarity of Monopoly with the excitement of the Marvel Universe, appealing to fans of both. Players choose to play as iconic Marvel heroes or cunning villains, offering different powers and strategies. Flipping board adds to the dynamic gameplay with two sides to the board, each featuring different locations and challenges. It seems to be more complex than classic Monopoly.

    2. The Surge

      This is a Christmas gift so haven’t played yet but had a little spy when it arrived and my daughter is going to absolutely love it

    3. Beth

      Daughter loves this this game

    4. Pink4

      This iteration of the famous board game is excellent. It is so much fun and the game finishes in a fraction of time compare to the full version

    5. The Surge

      On first opening the box this edition of monopoly felt like it could be disappointing quality. The main issue is the box itself, which feels more like a box you would use for a take away pizza than a quality board game.

      However I was relieved to find that on the whole, the quality of the contents is actually pretty good. The game board, flip cards etc are all very well printed on good quality, heavy weight card. Given that this is not a cheap game, it would have been nice to see the four characters produced in metal instead of plastic, they have quite a good level of detail, but could be more satisfying if they had a little weight to them.

      The first set up takes a little time, requiring the counters and larger cards to be separated from the sheets, the plastic edging frames then need to be attached to the flip cards.

      Although based on the monopoly format it feels like a different game altogether. Though it may appear to be aimed more at Marvel fans and children, it can be a fun game for anyone and the gameplay isn’t too long.

    6. Aletha

      the best freaking monopoly ever. seriously get this, its pink and barbie themed, what more could you want?

    7. Silvye

      So – on first opening, you need to clip the frames on the cards for the board, and pop out all the tokens out of the cardboard – so initial set up takes a little longer than when you play again.
      Fairly easy to set up, and instructions are fairly easy to follow. We had to refer to them a fair bit the first time – but once you get it it’s a good game for Marvel fans.
      You can play as one of the 4 characters, have battles and flip the board.
      Would recommend – and all goes back nicely in the box once played for easy storage.
      My 8 year old found it easy enough to play.

    8. Gums

      I am obsessed with Marvel films and was excited to find a Monopoly game with Marvel themes and superheroes. My friends are delighted and cannot wait to play.
      I love the superpowers and dynamism of the flip board. It took a while to set it up the first time and catch the drift of what needs doing. However, it is such fun, and for someone who loves Marvel, this Monolopy is a marvel 😊.

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