The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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  • Exclusive visual history of Marvel Cinematic Universe creation
  • Covers Marvel’s first 23 theatrical films
  • Reveals production history with interviews and on-set photography
  • Features archival materials, concept art, stills, and memorabilia
  • Includes rare promotional art and behind-the-scenes photos
  • Exclusive interviews with producers, studio heads, and core cast members
  • Lavish two-volume set
  • Essential collectible for Marvel fans
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    The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the ultimate gift for Marvel fans who can’t get enough of their favorite superheroes! This captivating book takes you on an exhilarating journey behind the scenes, revealing the secrets and stories that brought the Marvel Cinematic Universe to life.

    Packed with stunning concept art, exclusive interviews, and never-before-seen photographs, this book offers a unique glimpse into the creative process that shaped the iconic characters and epic storylines we all know and love. From Iron Man’s humble beginnings to the epic battle in Avengers: Endgame, every step of the Marvel Studios journey is beautifully documented.

    Marvel fans will be thrilled to dive into the pages of this book and discover the incredible dedication and passion that went into creating their favorite movies. Whether they’re a die-hard fan or a casual viewer, this book is a treasure trove of insider knowledge that will deepen their appreciation for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    Not only is The Story of Marvel Studios a brilliant gift for Marvel fans, but it also falls into the category of collectibles and memorabilia. With its high-quality production value and visually stunning content, this book is a must-have addition to any Marvel enthusiast’s collection. It’s a gift that will be cherished for years to come, allowing fans to relive their favorite moments and discover new insights into the Marvel universe.

    So, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a Marvel fan in your life, look no further than The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s a captivating journey that will leave them feeling inspired, amazed, and even more connected to their favorite superheroes.

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    Abrams Books, Illustrated edition (28 Oct. 2021)




    512 pages






    28.96 x 8.76 x 40.39 cm


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    13 reviews for The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

    1. Jane

      The book is massive, and of extremely high quality. Don’t let the page count throw you– each page has the equivalent of three normal pages of text, meaning the book is giving you the equivalent of more like 1500 pages of information. The photos (most of which have never been previously published) are presented in extreme high quality. The behind the scenes stories are given by the people who were actually responsible for the creation of the films. This is a must-have cornerstone of any MCU fan’s library. Just buy it.

    2. lisa cox

      This was a very successful Christmas present. It’s a very heavy book though. I would very much advise not dropping it on your foot as I did. The bruise lasted for ages.

    3. Maru

      A estética que a Marvel Studios criou sobre o universo dos quadrinhos e cinema nos últimos anos é bem representado aqui: a caixa bem resistente e os dois volumes contemplam os 10 primeiros anos da liderança de Kevin Feige no comando desses personagens desde Homem de Ferro até o final da da Saga do Infinito.
      Muitas curiosidades e detalhes técnicos ricamente ilustrados merecem esse compêndio na sua prateleira.

    4. JonMooreFX

      Quality book nicely presented. Ideal gift for a marvel lover.

    5. D. I. Whiteley

      Had doubts about this reading other reviews about the errors mis prints and so on. Didn’t want to pay so much for that but luckily so far although only on chapter 3 so far I haven’t found any
      It gives you a detailed insight to how they all arrived on the big screen

    6. Gabriel Maranhão

      El empaque llegó súper bien cuidado, todo correcto y en tiempo

    7. Greg

      Pre-ordered this in 2018 and it’s absolutely worth the wait. The attention to detail is amazing. The pages are great quality. The behind the scenes pictures and stories a must for any marvel fan.
      Only read select sections at the minute and it’s going to take me a long time to read it all.
      A future collectors item I’m sure.

    8. Steven

      L’histoire du MCU, est racontée à travers 2 superbes livres de 256 pages chacun, bénéficiant d’une couverture rigide, rédigé en anglais et accompagné de magnifiques photos, couchées sur papier glacé. Ces deux volumes très soignés, sont protégés par un coffret très solide, qui lui sert d’écrin.
      Le premier volume débute par un avant-propos écrit par nul autre que Kevin FEIGE, le grand ordonnateur du Marvel Universe depuis le début et une préface développée par Tara BENETT et Paul TERRY, les auteurs qui présentent leur inspiration.
      On entre tout de suite dans le vif du sujet, en revenant en 2008, année qui a vu la sortie du film « Iron Man » sur grand écran, avec Robert DOWNEY Jr, qui a connu le succès que l’on sait. On passe en revue tous les autres films jusqu’en 2014, où l’on assiste à la présentation de la phase 3 du MCU, au théâtre El Capitan, par FEIGE et les acteurs, lors d’une soirée événement.
      Le deuxième volume reprend à partir de 2015, depuis la production de la série « Agent Carter », jusqu’au futur de la phase 4, présenté en 2019. Beaucoup de photos, souvent inédites, servent à compléter les textes, très informatifs, issues de la production, elles aident à mieux cerner la fabrication de tous les films. Quelques storyboards viennent compléter le tout.
      Un épilogue est proposé par Robert DOWNEY Jr, l’acteur par qui tout a commencé et qui a donné vie mieux que personne, à son alter-égo Tony Stark/Iron Man, dont le succès a permis d’assurer la pérennité du Marvel Universe pour des années et dont le futur promet plein de nouveautés.
      Enfin, les livres sont dédiés au regretté Chadwick BOSEMAN, interprète inoubliable et indissociable de Black Panther.
      Vraiment sublimes, ces deux bouquins valent le détour et fêtent dignement les 10 ans du Marvel Cinématic Universe, même publiés en retard.

    9. Amazon Customer

      My daughter is a huge fan of everything Marvel, and couldn’t wait for the release of this book. It arrived on release date, which was earlier than expected and is just stunning. Really heavy and high quality and is a real ‘story’ starting at the beginning of a studio, struggling to raise money to make films. How the ideas came about, who said it wouldn’t work, and just everything you could want to know. There are hundreds of fabulous pictures from the sets and behind the scenes, and I can’t recommend it enough. Yes it’s a lot of money, but it’s worth every single penny to any Marvel fan.

    10. Amazon Customer

      I have finally finished reading this and I definitely feel that I got my moneys worth. I found it so interesting to be given this insight into how the MCU was created and being able to hear from some of the cast and directors was a bonus. Any major fan of the MCU would have a blast with this!

    11. sam crawley

      absolutely amazing bought for my son who has adhd/asd …. his only critique is that is has one character missing (venom)

    12. lisa cox

      It is a beautiful set.

    13. Amazon Customer

      A ridiculously well researched book by Paul and Tara, 2 of the best in the business. This is rich in detail, and the passion for the source material is evident on every page. If you don’t own this already, now is the time…

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