Alfalfa and Molasses Bite-Sized Horse Treats


  • Manna Pro Alfalfa and Molasses Bite-Sized Horse Treats
  • Horse owners love these treats
  • 4 lb bag with over 300 treats
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Ideal for rewarding and training
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    Introducing Manna Pro Alfalfa and Molasses Bite-Sized Horse Treats, the perfect way to reward and pamper your equine friend! These delectable treats are made with only the finest quality ingredients to provide your horse with a nutritious and delicious snacking experience.
    Each batch of Manna Pro Alfalfa and Molasses Bite-Sized Horse Treats is carefully crafted to ensure optimal taste and texture. The combination of premium alfalfa and irresistibly sweet molasses creates a treat that is not only palatable but also packed with essential nutrients and vitamins, promoting overall well-being for your horse.
    These bite-sized treats are conveniently sized, making them great for training or as a quick reward during rides. The compact packaging contains a generous 4 lb of treats, ensuring you have plenty to go around. Whether you have a hardworking performance horse or a beloved companion, these treats are suitable for all breeds and ages.
    Not only are these Horse Treats irresistibly delicious, but they are also easy on digestion, making them a perfect option for horses with sensitive stomachs or dietary restrictions. With Manna Pro Alfalfa and Molasses Bite-Sized Horse Treats, you can treat your horse to a well-deserved indulgence without compromising their health.
    Indulge your horse’s taste buds and reinforce positive behavior with Manna Pro Alfalfa and Molasses Bite-Sized Horse Treats. Created with love and care, these treats are a must-have for any horse owner looking to provide their equine companion with the utmost care, nutrition, and love they deserve. Order your 4 lb pack today and watch your horse happily munch away on these delectable treats!

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    5 reviews for Alfalfa and Molasses Bite-Sized Horse Treats

    1. Jenn

      All of the horses loved these and they smelled so good.

    2. teresa hunter

      Horse loves them but they are small and can go through the small bag quickly

    3. Amazon Customer

      Horses love them, price and quality is always good. Will buy again.

    4. D Dube

      Great tasting (I’m assuming because my horse loves them), small nuggets, bag lasts forever, easy to put in pocket

    5. SuperK

      My daughter was in horseback riding lessons and we had to go to a field to get the horses. There’s a variety of horses and since we do not own them we do not know all their likes. We bought these and brought them and now all the horses follow us in anticipation of these treats.

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