Drew & Cole Breakfast Electric Sandwich Maker

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  • Easy to use breakfast sandwich maker for creating English Breakfast Muffins in less than five minutes
  • Allows for healthy homemade breakfasts using fresh ingredients and controlling extras
  • Versatile machine for preparing omelettes, mini pizzas, desserts, and working with various types of bread
  • Removable rings for easy cleaning with non-stick plates
  • Sleek and compact design suitable for kitchen countertops
  • Brand: High Street TV, Model Number: S6170
  • Colour: Black, Dimensions: 16 x 14.5 x 18 cm, Power Wattage: 600 watts
  • Special Feature: Non Stick Coating, Weight: 1 kg
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    Introducing Drew, the ultimate kitchen companion for all the home chefs out there! This nifty gadget is designed to make your cooking experience a breeze while adding a touch of fun to your culinary adventures.

    Drew is a versatile and user-friendly device that belongs to the category of must-have kitchen tools for home chefs. With its sleek and compact design, it effortlessly fits into any kitchen decor. But don’t let its size fool you, because Drew packs a punch when it comes to functionality!

    This brilliant gift is equipped with a variety of features that will revolutionize your cooking game. From precise measurements to handy timers, Drew has got you covered. Need to convert cups to grams? No problem! Drew can do it in a snap. Forgot to set a timer for your delicious soufflé? Drew will remind you with its handy alarm. It’s like having your very own sous chef right at your fingertips!

    But what truly sets Drew apart is its playful personality. With a vibrant display and a cheerful voice, Drew brings a touch of joy to your kitchen. It even tells jokes and shares interesting food facts to keep you entertained while you whip up your culinary masterpieces.

    Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just starting your culinary journey, Drew is the perfect companion for anyone who loves to cook. So why settle for ordinary kitchen gadgets when you can have Drew by your side? Get ready to elevate your cooking experience and make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable than ever before!

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    ‎High Street TV

    Model Number




    Product Dimensions

    ‎16 x 14.5 x 18 cm, 1 kg

    Power Wattage

    ‎600 watts

    Special Features

    ‎Non Stick Coating

    Item Weight

    ‎1 kg

    13 reviews for Drew & Cole Breakfast Electric Sandwich Maker

    1. mrs june bamber

      It is a great thing so easy to use and worth buying,makes breakfast great thank you

    2. Koolone

      This must be a world product make it with a universal chord no ta chord that only works in England i had to change chord in a Australia

    3. Steve Nicklin

      Whilst it does work it is very clumsy to create and then extract the patty/meat, Egg and muffin when done. Nice idea but not massively usable

    4. Di Saunders

      Item been around for sometime and reviews not that good but I found it produced a great egg and bacon muffin in little time. But if making two one is eaten before the next can be shared. So I procured another unit elsewhere for less than half price

    5. James Michael

      Great for brekky egg and bacon muffins delivers as advertised.

    6. jane Casey

      My family and myself love this space saving little gadget. Making us a hot breakfast in 5 minutes. We toast the muffins for a minute first before adding our fillings and then remove the top muffin, break in the egg and leave it to start to solidify first, before popping it on top of the egg.. My favourite, is ham with shredded spring onion on top and ementall cheese on the top layer! Delish, we have made lots of combinations. My daughters is a BLT with egg! We bought an additional little book, but it isnt really geared towards the British market, sadly. Still this is a great little kitchen helper that doesnt take up any room in my small kitchen.

    7. Sliptip

      Great little product. Works well, easy to clean.
      Makes the muffin nice and crisp. Cooks egg well.
      Note that it comes with UK plug (if shipping OS).
      Power cord pretty short.

    8. Mrs. Donna P. Walker

      Easy to use, quick meal in minutes. I use kitchen foil on the bottom and top plates as I found the muffin a little too crusty otherwise. Remember to push the top right back or I can fall forward and burn you. I love this just wish I’d got the deal of 2 for £69 when I had the chance.

    9. Mrs N Boyce

      Really easy to use and clean.
      Bought for my husband who is a big fan of breakfast muffins.
      We like that you can use it for different hot snacks too!!

    10. Steve Nicklin

      The machine is very flimsy. Very difficult to use as it won’t open on its own you have to hold it open with one hand and imagine trying to crack the egg in it. I have to crack in a cup then pour it in. The feet won’t firm standing. When I tried to get food out it push back very easy. I cannot have it against the wall as I won’t be able to open it. Overall it was a disaster!!!!

    11. Bill S.

      This is my second purchase as I dropped the first on and damaged the hinge. Brilliant for breakfast (egg, cheese, roll and either pepperoni slice or cooked bacon which I purchased from Iceland in the freezer department.

    12. sue

      Bought on a whim but grandkids love it when they stay over as they now can have a “famous” breakfast order while still in their Jim jams!
      Easy to use but let the egg start to set before adding top of muffin/bap/roll.
      We also bought a large cookie cutter so we can do bacon n cheese toasted sandwiches. Cuts the bread to just the right size.

    13. MEL

      I bought this as a Christmas present for my son. Even though it comes with a UK plug, I was able to pick up a travel plug adaptor to convert to Australian sockets, from the local OTR petrol station. It does a fantastic sausage and egg McMuffin, and lots more. I use baking paper on top and bottom plates, to reduce cleaning. Love it!

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