Magical Bath Bomb Gift Set


  • Handmade bath bomb gift set for Wizard lovers
  • Personalization option available for free
  • Contains a dragon egg bath bomb (250g)
  • Includes 3 mini bath bombs in assorted colors
  • Comes with transporting bath crystals for immersive experience
  • Includes truth bath potion for added magic
  • Magic charms bracelet for wish-making
  • Witchcraft and Wizardry letter for personal touch and ingredient list
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    Introducing the enchanting Magical Bath Bomb Gift Set, a must-have for all Harry Potter fans! Immerse yourself in a world of wizardry and wonder as you transform your bath time into a truly magical experience.

    This spellbinding gift set features a collection of bath bombs inspired by the beloved characters and elements from the Harry Potter series. Each bomb is carefully crafted with love and infused with captivating scents and vibrant colors that will transport you straight to the halls of Hogwarts. From the fizzy explosion of the Sorting Hat bomb to the shimmering golden glow of the Golden Snitch bomb, every bath will be a whimsical adventure.

    Not only do these bath bombs create a mesmerizing visual display, but they also nourish and moisturize your skin with their natural ingredients. Indulge in the soothing properties of shea butter and essential oils, leaving your skin feeling soft, supple, and utterly pampered.

    Whether you’re a die-hard Gryffindor, a cunning Slytherin, a wise Ravenclaw, or a loyal Hufflepuff, this Magical Bath Bomb Gift Set is the perfect way to show off your love for the wizarding world. It’s an ideal gift for birthdays, holidays, or simply to treat yourself to a little bit of magic.

    So, wave your wand and make bath time extraordinary with the Magical Bath Bomb Gift Set. Let the enchantment begin and immerse yourself in a world of fantasy and relaxation. Accio relaxation!

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    4 reviews for Magical Bath Bomb Gift Set

    1. austinjjohnson

      Looks great. Matched description. Shipped on time.

    2. Mark

      Brilliant service and high end quality product

    3. Scott Ray

      Very good quality. My wife is a Harry Potter fan and loved it.

    4. Kim Jonsen

      First shipment got lost in the mail and Megan responded immediately and sent out a new one. My Potterhead friend loved this so much and will be buying more for her family.
      Definitely recommend not just the product, but also the seller!

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