Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – Illustrated Edition

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  • Illustrated Edition of J.K. Rowling’s fifth Harry Potter book by Jim Kay and Neil Packer
  • Features over 160 illustrations in various styles
  • Collaborative artwork by Jim Kay and Neil Packer
  • Includes iconic characters like Luna Lovegood, Professor Umbridge, and more
  • Focuses on the Order of the Phoenix watching over Harry Potter during dark times at Hogwarts
  • Breathtaking scenes and magical locations depicted in the book
  • Suitable for both existing fans and new readers
  • Hardcover book with 576 pages, published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books
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    Introducing the enchanting Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – Illustrated Edition! Calling all Potterheads, this captivating book is a must-have addition to your magical collection. Bursting with stunning illustrations by the talented Jim Kay, this edition brings the beloved story to life in a whole new way.

    Immerse yourself in the wizarding world as you follow Harry Potter’s fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. From secret meetings in the Room of Requirement to thrilling battles against dark forces, this book will transport you to a realm of adventure and wonder. The intricate illustrations beautifully capture the essence of J.K. Rowling’s imagination, allowing you to experience the magic like never before.

    This illustrated edition is the perfect gift for Harry Potter fans of all ages. Whether you’re a long-time devotee or a new fan discovering the series, this book will ignite your imagination and reignite your love for the Boy Who Lived. It’s a brilliant addition to any Harry Potter collection, and a delightful way to introduce younger readers to the enchanting world of Hogwarts.

    So, why wait? Dive into the pages of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – Illustrated Edition and let the magic unfold before your eyes. Whether you’re treating yourself or surprising a fellow Potterhead, this book is sure to cast a spell of joy and excitement. Get ready to embark on a spellbinding journey that will leave you spellbound!

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    Bloomsbury Children's Books, 1st edition (11 Oct. 2022)




    576 pages





    Reading age

    9+ years, from customers


    23.11 x 3.56 x 26.92 cm


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    13 reviews for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – Illustrated Edition

    1. Laura

      Adoro las versiones ilustradas de Jim Kay, y esta edición no se queda atrás. Ya sabemos que la publicación del libro sufrió algunos retrasos, pero merece la pena cuando te pones a leerlo. Las ilustraciones son una pasada, y Umbridge da bastante miedo, así que claramente consigue lo que busca. Es una pena que, si deciden ilustrar los dos libros que faltan, ya no vamos a tener a Jim, pero le estoy eternamente agradecida por la magia que ha traído al Mundo Mágico. Estos libros son las ediciones perfectas para coleccionistas.

    2. Daniel

      expensive for what it is, but still collecting them all as really good quality and illustrations are great. Great edition

    3. Robert John

      Very quickly delivery. Item was as described.

    4. M. Evans

      Nice nice nice

    5. Marie Bay

      Fina illustrationer

    6. Anonymous4p

      Was a Christmas gift but I just had to look through it before giving it away. The artwork was stunning and my Harry Potter fan friend loved it!

    7. Ratty

      It’s almost as if Jim Kay as eventually sat down and read the books and/or watched the movies. Because at last the illustrations look like what the books and movies desribe. At last he’s realised the books are not just for the nursery. That Harry Potter fans range from four to ninetyfour and are not stuck at infants school. Maybe it’s the influence of Neil Parker. Rumour as it Jim Kay was finding it all a strain and had to take a sabbatical and Neil Parker was brought in to help him out. Whatever the reason it helped bring the level of the illustrations up to more in line with the average reading age of the books and the mentality of the stories. The illustrations, with a few minor exceptions, actually look like the images we got from reading the books and watching the movies. His illustration of Harry actually look something like a recognizable Harry Potter as apposed to all his inconsistent attempts he did in the previous books where no two versions of Harry looked like eachother and were only distinguishable as Harry by the lightning bolt scar and the glasses. I only disliked two of his characters, in this book, Snape he illustrated too ugly.
      Snape is dark, brooding and menacing but not ugly. The other is Dolores Umbridge; who he as depicted as a fat mad eye gorgon of a woman, but we know her best as smart over polite portly lady with a welcoming but malicious smile that belies the evil scheming ambitious politician within.
      Some people have critized this volume because most of the fully page illustrations are at the beginning with a few towards the end with only a few margine doodles and decorations in the middle chapters. I understand what they mean and it as been suggested that is the result of his sabbatical and that he just ran out of time. Personally I don’t mind that too much and find those small ornamentations more effective, somewhat more subtle and classy, than some of the more garish full page pictures.
      But no what ever the reason for the improvements, long may it continue, and I hope for even more mature illustration in ‘The Half Blood Prince’ and by degrees we should get something special for the ‘Deathly Hallows’ but don’t hold your breath.

    8. Amazon Customer

      Worth every penny to relive again the HP stories in illustrations.

    9. CraigP

      We have been buying these illustrated versions of Harry Potter for my son each year for his birthday. The illustrations are amazing. It is worth paying a bit more for. We do not watch the movie until a year after the book and I think that the pictures help launch the child’s imagination.
      The book was ok for our 9-year-old. It was not too scary for him but he found it hard to relate to how the teenagers were acting so angry all the time! I should note that I read these books to him and we talk. My child does not quite have the patience to read such a large book.

    10. Geoffrey Shackleton

      Another in the range – as per all others – good illustrations

    11. Doreen S.

      I bought this for my adult granddaughter who loved it. She loved the illustrations and everything about this very large book.

    12. Wherermymittens?

      Great edition for hardcore Potter fans. Splendid book.

    13. Sofia.irl

      Big fan of HP and when I heard of the series of book being illustrated by Jim Kay I didn’t hesitate! Beautiful books and the illustrations are amazing! Consider the book as a piece of art and wouldn’t dare reading them so they don’t get damaged! I have them all so far and waiting for the last one from Jim Kay. Devastated to hear he wouldn’t finish the series..
      I highly recommend them to all HP fans!
      The books arrived in spotless conditions! They are quite heavy and hard cover with an other cover on top, that is removable and easy to damage so be careful with that part!

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