Garmin Approach S60 Premium GPS Golf Watch

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  • Garmin Approach S60 Premium GPS Golf Watch with Touchscreen Display
  • Quick Fit 22mm watch band compatible
  • 1.2-inch sunlight-readable color touchscreen display
  • Provides precise yardages to greens, hazards, and doglegs on full-color course maps
  • Quick Fit bands for fast style changes without tools
  • More than 40,000 preloaded courses worldwide
  • Battery life up to 10 hours in golf mode, 10 days in watch mode
  • Manufacturer: Garmin
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    Introducing the Garmin Approach S60 Premium GPS Golf Watch, the ultimate companion for golf enthusiasts! This sleek and stylish timepiece is not just your average watch – it’s a golfer’s dream come true. Packed with cutting-edge technology, this watch is designed to enhance your game and take your golfing experience to a whole new level.

    With its advanced GPS capabilities, the Approach S60 provides accurate and precise distances to greens, hazards, and fairways. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to confident shots! The full-color touchscreen display allows you to easily navigate through the course, giving you a clear view of each hole and helping you plan your strategy like a pro.

    But that’s not all – this watch is loaded with features that make it a brilliant gift for any golfer. It tracks your shots, measures your swing tempo, and even provides personalized recommendations to improve your game. Plus, it seamlessly syncs with your smartphone, allowing you to receive notifications, weather updates, and even control your music without interrupting your swing.

    The Garmin Approach S60 Premium GPS Golf Watch is not just a functional tool, but a stylish accessory too. Its sleek design and customizable watch faces make it a fashionable statement on and off the course. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out, this watch is the perfect companion to help you up your game and have a blast while doing it.

    So, why settle for ordinary when you can gift the extraordinary? Surprise the golfer in your life with the Garmin Approach S60 Premium GPS Golf Watch and watch their game soar to new heights. Get ready to tee off in style!

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    1 CR2 batteries required. (included)

    Is discontinued by manufacturer


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    20 Jan. 2019



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    13 reviews for Garmin Approach S60 Premium GPS Golf Watch

    1. Chenz

      Garmin Approach S60 watch – there is a major problem after 5 Months. I only wear the watch playing golf and the BATTERY no longer charges – it also gets very hot.
      When it worked it was great. I only used it 8 times on the golf course.
      I tried to re-set but still does not charge. Bought a new cable but still does not recharge. This problem happened in early August 2022 and I purchased the watch in late March 2022.
      Please contact me with a solution. Many thanks in advance. Leo.

    2. Annemarie Sach

      This is brilliant bought as a gift and my partner absolutely loves it does everything bar windspeed, great battery life and looks great too not too bulky on the wrist, would absolutely recommend.

    3. Maggyba

      Looking for a GPS for Golf? I originally thought I wasn’t going to like this product. Having used a range finder, I didn’t think I was going to like wearing this on my wrist. I was pleasantly surprised. This product is very light weight. You almost don’t remember it even on your wrist. The screen is awesome, being able to see clearly in bright sunshine and on a full color screen with each course your playing well defined. It shows your position with the yardages. You can select it to show you the plays like distance as well as the standard yardages for tournament play. The screen is not very high definition though, but is more then adequate for a golf watch. The price is steep, but its an investment you won’t be disappointed with. Having tossed between the new release for 2019 the Approach S40, this was a no brainer. For me $50 more the features are better and the screen graphics for each hole are much better. This shows you the entire hole while the S40 only shows a graphic with different color lines and in my opinion looks very cheap. The shot tracking is amazing. It is really what sold me on this device. Being able to go in after your round and see what shots you made and from where is awesome. It will also give you club distances on a summary in the Garmin Golf App. You can also download courses so if you don’t have internet, you can still launch the golf GPS on the watch. There is so many features, this thing is amazing.

    4. Trent Phalen

      Le encanto a mi esposo! Dice que está MUY completo

    5. Eppingo

      After cocking up the first couple of holes still trying to work the watch, I realised I should have read the booklet (and watched the Youtube video of a guy setting it up) then I would have been ready. Now I know how to use it it gives accurate distance information at the touch of a button, and I am using the scoring reminder and club selection options to track my shots. Excellent product and great battery life when just used as a normal watch.

    6. DollyM

      Works well

    7. Leo Mc Auliffe

      Bought a Fenix 5S from Amazon – loved the watch but couldn’t get the Garmin Connect software on the phone to connect to the watch, so sent if back (I’ve posted a review on the Fenix 5S review page). As a regular golfer I bought the S60 instead and so far it has worked very well. It works fine although the Bluetooth connection is lost more often than it should be, although that is only a problem if you want regular notifications (I find them a pain!). It seems to sync OK whenever I connect. The golf app is brilliant – better than anything I’ve seen before and I’ve not really scratched the surface on what it can do yet. I’ve used it for running and cycling and it works just as well as my Garmin Vivoactive HR.

      It looks really good – I’m using it as my regular watch now. Very expensive though probably worth it. Hopes it keeps working OK as Garmin has a bit of a reputation with dodgy software updates. Amazon service excellent as always.

    8. Amazon Customer

      Used it on New Year’s Day great

    9. michaelmcg

      Having primarily purchased the watch for golf and running, I have found myself wearing it day to day. Apart from being stylish, it can be used as a smart watch to a point. Receiving texts and phone calls etc.
      As a golf watch, it is as good as you will get anywhere on the market. Yardage’s for anywhere on the golf course are spot on and easy to identify. You also enter putts and fairways hit. A couple of downsides to the watch are that you can not pull overall data over different rounds such as average drives, fairways hit, or missed to what side. Also, and this is the main reason I was attracted to the purchase, the auto shot tracker could definitely do with tweaking. Tracking driving distance is generally spot on but as the watch doesn’t track where you are in the green for approach shots or sometimes doesn’t pick up chip shots, it can be hard to get the distance irons are going, which is a big downside. The golf app on the phone could do with some renewing as the course maps are pretty dated.
      I also use this to go running. The watch is spot on for all distances and pace but it can sometimes take an age to get a GPS signal
      The watch is expensive but I have defineltly been getting good use from it.

    10. sam_19

      First, let me just say I haven’t worn a watch since I was in middle school, and never had any desire to get a smart watch, even though I am a die-hard gadget guy.

      One day I was struggling with the Freecaddie app on my phone during a round of golf and decided that one of the golf watches had to be better, so I did some research and ended up settling on the S60. I was expecting to use this for golf and that’s it, again I don’t wear a watch and didn’t intend to start.

      The S60 arrived and I started fiddling with it, and it really started feeling like a generally useful tool, not just a golf toy. I started wearing it all day, and after some tuning to the notification and other settings I’m really liking having the thing on my wrist. I try to walk for an hour or so a day, and its step counter matches my Samsung S8 pretty closely

      The golf app is great. I really like being able to pull up my scorecard after the round and see each hole and where each shot was, distances, etc. It will let you track your clubs used and such, which I find to be a little annoying but if you really care it’s easy to do. I just track total strokes, putts, penalties, and it forces you to enter the direction of your drive but I usually just say it went straight (which is rarely true ;-). It does a pretty good job of detecting actual strokes vs. practice swings, sometimes there are extra strokes on my score card but they’re all at the same place on the map so it’s easy to see what happened there. The touch-screen and maps interface is also great, it’s very easy to find distances to the pin and obstacles. Overall I have nothing but good to say about the golf app.

      I also bike quite a bit, and the biking app is just as good as the golf app. It uses the GPS to record your route, which you can pull up on the map in the app on your phone after you complete the activity and it shows all the route details with speeds. I ended up buying the speed, cadence, and heart rate strap sensors to use while biking, I’m not sure in hindsight that they’re really all that useful since the watch can figure your speed via GPS and the cadence and heart rate turn out to not be that interesting to me but if you’re really into hard-core biking maybe they are more useful. It’s a little tricky getting the sensors to connect before you start the activity, sometimes it takes a couple short laps around a circle in my driveway to wake the sensors up and get the watch to connect to them. But overall it works great. I bought a rubber widget (ASIN: B01N2ZIN1W) that goes on the bike handlebar, the watch goes onto that so it’s visible while I’m riding, and have set up a couple scrolling data screens to show speed, cadence, distance, etc. and all work great.

      I also have used this with the “walking” app while hiking in the mountains. It does the same thing as biking where it records the route and will display it on a map in the mobile app after the activity is completed. It records some other data like elevation changes, time, etc. Like just regular walking it appears that the step counter matches my Samsung S8 pretty closely so I’m assuming they are both at least equally accurate.

      There is also an indoor rowing app, which works fine but seems minimally useful given that my rowing machine counts strokes and that’a about all the watch will do. I guess if you want to have all your fitness activities recorded in one place that might be a good reason to use the watch but otherwise it seems sorta pointless to me.

      The battery life is great, 10-ish days if not doing any activities. Biking an hour with the biking app running with GPS, speed and cadence sensors, eats about 10% of the battery. A 5-hour round of golf eats about 50% of the battery. Hiking with the GPS enabled seems to eat about 10% per hour, so it seems the key factor is the GPS and that 10% per hour seems very consistent. It takes a few hours to charge from about 25%, not sure exactly how long since I just let it charge over night when the battery gets low. The touch screen works well, and I’m glad I didn’t get the Fenix since it doesn’t have a touch screen. I do wish this had wireless charging, plugging the cable in is a little tricky in the dark, but I can live with that. It would also be nice if there were an integrated heart rate sensor like the Fenix but again I can live without it, the chest strap works fine for the occasions I actually care about heart rate.

      I bought the premium version primarily to get the better bezel, the leather strap is nice but I feel like once it’s been sweaty too many times it’s probably going to get gross. The metal strap from Garmin is real nice and I’ve settled on that full-time. I bought one of the plastic straps but haven’t used it.

      Bottom line, this Garmin S60 is awesome!

    11. P.

      Very good

    12. michaelmcg

      Does everything you want and more.

    13. Verónica Rodríguez Arias

      Me encantó! Cada hoyo que juego en el campo que esté, se ve en Garmin con obstáculos de agua y búnkers, distancias exactas, estadísticas de tus juegos en general y por fierro utilizado. De lo mejor que tengo para el golf

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