Anbernic Handheld Retro Games Console


  • Handheld game console with 3.5 inch IPS screen
  • Contains 5474 classic games supporting various formats
  • Upgraded 2100mAh lithium battery with 4-hour battery life
  • Features Linux system and advanced IPS screen for smoother gameplay
  • Supports 2.4G wireless handle and wired handle connection
  • HDMI and TV output functions for larger screen display
  • Comes in an exquisite package with accessories included
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Introducing the Anbernic Handheld Retro Games Console, the ultimate gift for gamers of all ages! This little gem is a blast from the past, packed with nostalgia and hours of entertainment.

Step into a time machine and relive the golden era of gaming with this portable console. It’s like having a mini arcade in the palm of your hand! With over 300 classic games pre-loaded, including beloved titles like Super Mario, Pac-Man, and Tetris, you’ll never run out of fun. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the retro scene, this console has something for everyone.

The Anbernic Handheld Retro Games Console is perfect for gamers who appreciate the simplicity and charm of old-school gaming. It’s a fantastic gift for those who grew up in the 80s and 90s, as well as for younger generations curious about the roots of gaming. This console effortlessly combines nostalgia with modern convenience, allowing you to enjoy your favorite retro games anytime, anywhere.

Not only does this console offer a wide variety of games, but it also boasts a sleek and ergonomic design. Its compact size makes it easy to slip into your pocket or bag, so you can take it on the go. The vibrant 3-inch screen and intuitive controls ensure a smooth and immersive gaming experience.

So, why settle for ordinary gifts when you can give the gift of endless fun and nostalgia? The Anbernic Handheld Retro Games Console is a brilliant choice for gamers, offering a delightful trip down memory lane and countless hours of entertainment. Get ready to embark on a retro gaming adventure like no other!

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6 reviews for Anbernic Handheld Retro Games Console

  1. nathan p

    It’s amazing, has hundreds of games and you can get more online from the vault. Highly recommend

  2. Rupal patel

    I really didnt know what to expect as how really good this handheld game console was. I bought it as a gift. But I wanted to test it out and see how good it was. This really impressed me. Tons of games categorized by console. Brought back some good memories and instead of looking and testing, I started playing the games. So I guess by the time I gave it to my nephew for Christmas…it was “used”. Lol. I wanted to keep it for myself. The only thing would be to have New Super Mario Brothers games already installed. But definitely not a deal breaker. I would still purchase even though no super mario games. You can install them later. Just check videos on how to install the games. Overall…GREAT HANDHELD SYSTEM!!

  3. jason

    I have been looking for a handheld to take me back to my childhood. This one is it! I’m not an enthusiast looking to own or compare retro handhelds, I’m just a guy who wants to pick up and play. The os is ready to go from the time you turn the system on! The games are plentiful and I was able to customize a little with some of the cool options in the system. There were a few games that wouldn’t play but for the other games that do, it’s worth it! Get one!

  4. Terrence C.

    I have enjoyed the this handheld and it has a lot of good games on it. So far the only negative is when you save a game progression. I cannot pickup where I left off. This maybe something I’m over looking and I just need to play around to figure out.

  5. M. Pal.

    This system is awesome. tight controls and good screen. tons of games and the quality is nice for the price. love it. I would recommend any retro or old school gamer to pick one of these up.

  6. Rupal patel

    Instructions are very basic and not coherent. Screen had blemishes, and the device once powered, stays stuck on the anbernic logo. Instructions really do not help or stimpulate if there is a process to set this thing on.

    Oh and once on, it did not switch off. If you tap or hold the power button, it just resets and turns back on.

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