Suture Practice Kit


  • DUO MESH TECHNOLOGY for maximum tensile strength and realistic human skin toughness
  • SUTURE VIDEO COURSE IN ENGLISH with 9 videos and 6 different techniques
  • COMPLETE SUTURE PRACTICE KIT with fake skin, stainless steel instruments, and threads
  • DEVELOPED BY MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS to ensure accuracy and realism
  • GUARANTEE for customer satisfaction
  • Manufacturer: Kits of Medicine
  • Material: Silicone
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    Introducing the Suture Practice Kit, the ultimate gift for aspiring doctors and medical professionals! This kit is designed to take your suturing skills to the next level, making it a brilliant gift for anyone in the medical field.

    With this kit, you can practice your suturing techniques anytime, anywhere. It includes a variety of realistic skin pads that mimic the texture and thickness of human skin, allowing you to perfect your stitching skills without the need for a live patient. Whether you’re a medical student, resident, or seasoned doctor, this kit is perfect for honing your craft or simply brushing up on your skills.

    Not only is the Suture Practice Kit a fantastic tool for doctors, but it also falls into the category of educational toys. It provides a hands-on learning experience that enhances dexterity, precision, and hand-eye coordination. Plus, it’s a great stress-reliever and a fun way to challenge yourself and your friends to see who can suture the fastest and most accurately!

    Imagine the joy on the face of your favorite doctor or medical student when they unwrap this unique gift. They’ll be able to practice their suturing techniques with ease and confidence, ultimately improving their patient care. So, whether it’s for a birthday, graduation, or just to show your appreciation, the Suture Practice Kit is the perfect gift that combines education, skill-building, and a whole lot of fun!

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    13 reviews for Suture Practice Kit

    1. Gran Sasso Adventure Park di Loredana Sbroglia

      Completo, muy útil y práctico para aprender a suturar y a utilizar el instrumental quirúrgico. La simulación de heridas en piel para ser suturadas está muy bien conseguida. Diferentes tipos de herida para practicar diferentes tipos de punto.

    2. Eva Sola

      Bra för nybörjare.

    3. khaled

      The four stars are for the function of this set. It loses one star because one scissors was missing, and two were the same type. My daughter aged 17 wants to be a vet and worked at a clinic part time and got to try out stitching for real so wanted a practice set. She used this set a lot, learned a lot and impressed the vet with her work. I find the slab of fake skin creepy as it’s a bit too realistic in texture – but I’m not the one using it! Daughter loves it. You can see holes in it where she has practiced, so it will need replacing eventually. Unfortunately, one of the scissors was missing, so we had to buy a replacement quickly as the gift was for Christmas last year and we had no time to return it, and then it was Christmas and I forgot to complain, ah well.

    4. Anne D.

      This kit is very useful indeed for my learning as a medical student!!! Free teaching resources like suture videos and pdf are also available with all essential equipment needed inside this kit! Have been practicing using this pad for quite a long time, and it’s very durable. As I find it really useful, I bought few more sets as my friend’s birthday gifts as well. Highly recommended! and I think this is the most useful suture kit that I have ever had!

    5. Mandy

      Un prodotto molto utile per principianti. Set completo e buona qualità degli strumenti.

    6. sophie mackenzie

      Really happy with this purchase! Everything arrived as advertised. I’m quite grossed out at how they managed to make the pad feel so realistic. Really impressed with the durability, I’m yet to experience any significant tears in the pad, I’ve noticed a few smaller ones, but I guess that’s to be expected. Compared to anything I’ve practised on in the past, I’d definitely say that this is the best suture pad I’ve used. The tools and suture thread provided are also high-quality. Overall really happy with my purchase. Thanks a bunch!

    7. Helena Graham

      My daughter received this as a gift and it was missing one of the main tools. I contacted them and within a short time a new kit that had everything was sent to us with no questions asked. It was a wonderful experience. My daughter has received the new kit with all the tools and is really enjoying it. It is very sturdy and will be a wonderful learning tool for her.

    8. Amazon Customer

      It’s my new favourite thing- All the equipment is really cool and durable (one of the scalpels snapped once by accident but that’s it), the suture pad is such a good one and for everything it’s great value for money! Totally would recommend!!

    9. ashley

      I ’ve given my take on it below including some pros and cons as I can’t really give this product justice within a couple of sentences. My opinions are based on a few of weeks of using the product. I rarely type reviews so this is a little daunting.


      The pad is much stronger than I anticipated; I’ve had my fair share of suture pads so I know to expect rips, but to my surprise, despite incurring a few minor rips (probably due to me tying my knots to hard) It hasn’t yet had any major problems. I think the amount of wounds and variety is a c ool idea, funny actually, because my brother has a similar wound on his arm (triangle one). The different shapes make practising sutures challenging which I enjoy. The texture is fleshy and quite realistic in look and feel and I like how well the pad sticks to my table, if there is one thing that annoys me it’s a suture pad moves! I noticed the pad starting to gather dust and hairs, so I got in contact with the seller, who promptly advised me that I could wash it under the sink, which I thought was awesome. On to the toolkit, all pieces were good quality stainless steel and came packaged within a black leather case, which is really convenient. The suture thread was a good length (75cm) and has a good thickness which allowed me to see my sutures better while I practised. Finally, the videos included, although I knew a few of the techniques from suture sessions at my University, I still watched what this kit provided, I enjoyed how descriptive and informative the videos were and hope they add more soon! I also love the fact that the person voicing over it had a South African accent so that was another bonus, haha.


      I have a couple of cons, well not really cons but more what I would have liked to see in this kit.

      Although the pad comes in a poly bag, it would have been nice if the pad had its own case similar to the tools. Next, I saw this in another review and thought I’d mention it also, if the toolkit case had a lil pocket for the loose thread or suture packets that would be useful. Lastly, although the five suture thread was sufficient, I think a few more wouldn’t have hurt.

      Overall it’s a really great suturing set and has everything I needed to start suturing immediately. On top of all of the above, I checked out their company and I really stand behind what they are trying to accomplish, I’m always one to support a good cause, so I’ll definitely be purchasing more in the near future. 🙂

    10. Daniel B


    11. ashley

      Perfect and totally worth the purchase. Everything was designed well and I’ve benefitted greatly from this purchase

    12. Eric Salvo

      The silicone material is sturdy and great quality, but is susceptible to tiny rips if knots are too tight. The suture videos provided are professional & super easy to follow along to. Recommend to anyone in need of extra practice! 🙂

    13. PB

      I bought this suturing kit to practice for my upcoming surgical training post. Absolutely great product, worth the money. Comes with everything you need to practice; most importantly I love the tutorial videos that come with the purchase, very handy and very easy to follow. Definitely recommend it!

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