This Game Will Ruin You – Vol 1

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  • This Game Will Ruin You’ is an adult party game featuring a twist on the classic Higher or Lower card game
  • Offers over 100+ unique, hilarious challenges and consequences for a wild and entertaining party experience
  • Simple and easy to learn, suitable for adults who enjoy a good laugh without complicated rules
  • Ideal for older teens and young adults (17+), perfect for group games nights or social gatherings
  • Travel-sized game with 54 incoherent cards, making it convenient to bring to pre-parties, birthdays, or college parties
  • Promotes relationship-building and ice-breaking moments, different from traditional board or drinking games
  • Not suitable for those taking life too seriously, requires an open mind and good sense of humor
  • Compatible with ‘This Game Will Ruin You Vol 2’ for added laughs and a complete adult party experience
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    Introducing “This Game Will Ruin You – Vol 1” – the ultimate party game for adult game enthusiasts! Get ready to unleash your wild side and dive into a world of hilarious and outrageous challenges that will leave you in stitches.

    This game is specifically designed for those who love to gather with friends and family for a night of laughter and friendly competition. With a mix of daring dares, mind-boggling trivia, and unexpected twists, “This Game Will Ruin You – Vol 1” guarantees endless hours of entertainment and unforgettable memories.

    Whether you’re hosting a game night, celebrating a special occasion, or simply looking to spice up your social gatherings, this game is the perfect addition to your collection. It’s a fantastic gift choice for adult party game fans who enjoy pushing boundaries and embracing their inner silliness.

    Gather your favorite people, grab some snacks, and prepare for a rollercoaster ride of laughter and excitement. “This Game Will Ruin You – Vol 1” will have you and your friends in fits of laughter as you navigate through outrageous challenges and compete to be crowned the ultimate party game champion.

    So, why settle for ordinary party games when you can take it up a notch with “This Game Will Ruin You – Vol 1”? Get ready to laugh until your sides hurt and create unforgettable memories with this brilliant gift choice for adult party game fans. Let the fun begin!

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    13 reviews for This Game Will Ruin You – Vol 1

    1. Claire

      Brilliant game to play with friends. I purchased for a party and this went down an absolute treat and we were all in stitches laughing by the end of it. Definitely recommend.

    2. Dark Falcon

      Excellent quality, fast shipping.

    3. Bella

      Good laugh, careful if playing with family some of them are a bit rude. Was very amusing

    4. D’Eilleena

      When I first opened up the pack and looked at the cards I wasn’t sure about this game, but when my husband and I started playing it was a blast!
      You play it over 48 days, you each get a card a day, and on each card is a question for each other and a challenge. If you beat the challenge you get to keep the card as a point and whoever has the most points by the time the deck is through, you win!
      We don’t like all the questions and challenges but most of them are fun and interesting. Overall a really fun buy!

    5. nell conron

      The media could not be loaded.

       I am lost for words to express my love for this card game. It has brought me and my friends to a new level of friendship and helped me land my first boyfriend. We are actually have matching tattoos soon of the games logo. Thank you for blessing my life.

    6. AJ

      As ordered, was delivered extremely fast.

    7. Matthew Briscoe

      Played this with some friends and was a great laugh. Have to be prepared to embarrass yourself and get close. Definitely not to played with family members, there wasn’t anything too raunchy that came up but still somethings not for family. Some tasks are just saying something embarrassing but the best ones are the performance tasks like perform a sexy crawl or build a human pyramid.

    8. Miss Lauren Knight

      Me and my friends had a great time playing this game.

    9. Dark Falcon

      We got this game to enjoy as a married couple. The daily multiple choice questions were meant to see how well you know each other. Based on some of the questions, it actually seemed geared more towards dating or engaged couples or maybe newlyweds since some referred to in laws.

      We are pretty conservative but are married so we were prepared for adult themed questions and challenges. The reason for 4 stars is that we found some parts were fun but other parts were inappropriate or not applicable because we don’t drink or go to bars/clubs. Also, some of the challenges would also have involved lying or tricking your spouse which we don’t think is good. A lot of the challenges were rather prankish.

      All in all we enjoyed the game and the chance to focus on each other in a fun way. It was more than during the 2 minutes you played a card each day because to fulfill the challenges you usually had to be thinking about it and them throughout the day.

    10. Kindle Customer

      They are funny as advertised

    11. gemma

      Do not buy this game unless you are a swinger, Seriously. I brought this game as it was advertised as a good party game. Some of the activities in it I wouldn’t do my myself do can’t expect anyone else to do them. Over sexualised, a lot of spanking and some are just grim to be honest. I’m not being prudish far from it. Unless I’m taking a person to the bedroom I’m not gonna nibble friends ears randomly eww, lick someone else again gross for both parties.

      So yeah don’t buy unless your a swinger 😂 or lick and spank friends 😬

      My game is going straight in the bin no one will buy it

    12. Beth


    13. Ace

      Although this looks bigger, in the picture, it’s the same size a a normal pack of cards. Of course it arrived in a A4 cardboard box from Amazon so expected it to be bigger, can’t comment on the game as got as a stocking filler .

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